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Side Hinged Garage Doors

Our side hinged garage doors are available in an extensive range of styles, colours, and materials. With all our doors available in timber or steel, we can create the perfect garage door for any project.

Steel Side Hinged

Steel garage doors are strong, secure, and resistant to corrosion. We manufacture our garage doors from premium galvanised steel, and finished in a colour and style of your choosing. Offering superior weather resistance, our metal side-hinged garage doors are ideal for a long-lasting and secure installation.

Timber Side Hinged

Using beautiful and strong cedar wood, we create our side-hinged timber garage doors to create an elegant and versatile range of doors that are built to last. Offering a traditional finish, superior acoustic insulation, and using the latest manufacturing methods, our garage doors provide timeless style in a thoroughly modern package.

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Why Choose a Side Hinged Garage Door?

Side hinged garage doors offer excellent security and straight-forward operation for years of fuss-free operation. Requiring no vertical lift, they are easier to open and close than traditional up and over doors, while boasting a traditional barn-door look.
Side hinged garage doors are available with a 50/50 split for even door sizing, or an off-set door for further customisation. This allows you to open only part of the garage for people, bikes, and other users when the full clearance is not required.

Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  • Versatile door sizing allows for 50/50 and 2/3 splits for different door users.
  • Wide range of materials available, including steel and timber.
  • Overlapping doors improve security and keep the weather out.

All our doors are approved for your peace of mind

Side hinged garage doors are available in two materials


Steel Side Hinged Doors


Timber Side Hinged Doors

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