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Side Hinged Garage Doors

Our side hinged garage doors are available in an extensive range of styles, colours, and materials. With all our doors available in timber or steel, we can create the perfect garage door for any project.

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A classic look

Side-hinged garage doors are evocative of the past, and you can almost imagine them being opened on a Sunday morning ready to take a classic car for a spin! There has been a surge in their popularity, and not just because of their classic look.

They are simple to operate, and you can have them divided half and half or in thirds – offset – which is ideal if you want something close to a normal access door. This can make it easier to walk in, load bikes or wheel out your lawnmower. After all, not everyone uses a garage to store a car!

What can you expect?

Side-hinged garage doors are fuss-free and practical. They are very secure and much easier to open that other styles of garage door.

The ‘barn door’ style means there is no vertical lift, so they’re as simple to open and close. This also means there is no conflict with your garage ceiling.

They come in a choice of steel or timber. Steel side-hinged doors are made from premium galvanised steel. This makes them strong, secure and resistant to corrosion, perfect for keeping the weather out and your valuables within. You can choose a range of styles and colours to complement your home.

Timber side-hinged doors offer the quality and feel that can only come with strong cedar wood – and with contemporary finishing methods, they offer excellent durability, acoustic insulation and timeless good looks.


  • Available in wood or steel
  • 50/50 or offset size doors
  • Wide range of styles and colours
  • Highly secure locking system.

Side Hinged Garage Doors Technical Information

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Our side hinged steel doors

Doors open outwards only, with the lock on the right when viewed from the outside, why not view a selection of the doors below.

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Timber side hinged doors

Timber doors are supplied base coat stained, ready for finishing to the colour of your choice:

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GRP Side Hinged doors

These doors combine all the advantages and practicality of GRP with the convenience of a tried and tested form of operation

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Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee that you will find the perfect garage door for your home in one of our showrooms, however we do offer a price match guarantee which allows us to beat any like for like quotation by £25. With our service package you will receive a free comprehensive home survey service if you are not comfortable measuring and fitting your garage door.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

All showrooms are currently closed to the general public but we are open for business.

Due to Government guidelines from Tuesday 5th January we will be taking extra precautions and temporarily closing our branches for showroom visits.


The Garage Door Company is taking bookings for home surveys.
All surveys will be contactless timed appointments with our representatives using additional PPE ensuring we work within strict government guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

The new protocol for conducting our site surveys will be

· Please call the central booking line or your local branch if you would like to arrange a free site survey, a guaranteed time and date will be reserved for you.

· We will phone all customers, 10 minutes prior to arrival to ask the customer to open the garage door, and to ask that you meet our representatives outside the garage.

· During the survey we will be conducting, we ask that you remain a safe 2 meters apart (As way of safe guarding us and you the customer).

· Once the survey has now conducted we ask that you close up the garage.

· All quotes will be sent via email all other discussions can be done remotely.