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Why Choose a Roller Door


For many, the most beneficial aspect when considering a roller door is the extra space that is acquired. Roller garage doors are mounted above the door frame and simply roll straight up and out of the way.

This door is a perfect choice if you want to primarily use your garage door as storage. The roller door also provides room for your car to be parked directly behind it, with the ability to still function. The roller door is ideal if you have a small garage and not a lot of room to operate!

The roller door is also a great option to maximise your driveway. A lot of garage doors require space in front of the garage to open up or outwards. The roller doors sleek method of opening and closing enables doors on even the smallest of driveways to function smoothly.

Roller shutter doors also have a strong aluminium double skin with no obvious weak spots, which makes it a great choice for maximum security.

Thanks to the double skin aluminium, and the rubber sealant around the edge, your garage door will provide a draught free barrier to your garage. This acts as an insulated layer to prevent any winter chill.

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