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Looking after your garage door

Over the past number of years, garage doors have become much more durable and secure. Not only does a modern garage door give the homeowner peace of mind, they are also relatively maintenance free.

With that said regular maintenance checks will save you a lot of time and avoid any upsets in the future, and taking care of your door should become an essential part of your household cleaning schedule.

Here are The Garage Door Company’s top tips for looking after your garage door:

  • For general cleaning, use a soft cloth and warm water with soap or washing up liquid.
  • To remove grease marks, use washing up liquid with little water and then rinse with clean water.
  • Do not use corrosive, abrasive or solvent detergents, glass cleaners or any tools that might leave scratches.
  • If you live in a coastal area, cleaning is especially important as salt is corrosive and over time can damage the door surface if not removed.
  • Keep the door clear of caustic or acidic substances on the door – bird droppings are a particular problem because of their acidity.

Every six months:

  • Conduct a full visual inspection of the door to check for any obvious signs of damage or wear
  • Check that all moving parts are in good condition
  • Replace any damaged parts

Regular maintenance will provide your garage door with a longer life span as well as providing you with peace of mind.

At The Garage Door Company we recommend having a service on your garage door every two years.

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