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Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and products, which is why we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. The most popular questions are listed below. If you have any specific questions that we haven’t answered here, or just want to get some advice, please contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.


Q. What happens to my existing/old garage door when I order a new one?
A. We’re more than happy to remove your existing garage door when the time comes to install your new door. If you need us to do this, or take the old door away for safe disposal, there may be an additional fee.
Q. How long does it take to install a garage door?
A. Our specially trained installations teams can fit most garage doors in 2-5 hours. Electric and specialist doors take longer than a manual up and over door, which takes less time to install.
Q. Are your garage door installation teams qualified?
A. All our installations teams are fully trained to ensure that all safety precautions and quality standards are met throughout the installation process. Because we only use our own teams for installations, we can guarantee a quality installation backed up by a full 2 year guarantee.
Q. Do your garage doors fit inside or behind the opening?
A. Our garage doors installations can be tailored to your needs. We can carry out installations both inside and within the structural opening, just let us know in advance and we can arrange the necessary parts & adjustments.
Q. Do you have your own engineers or do you sub-contract your work out to other companies?
A. All our engineers are employed by The Garage Door Company and are fully by us in partnership with the manufacturers. This means they know the products inside and out, and can carry out the perfect installation every time, as well as being trained in maintenance and repairs.
Q. How long are garage doors guaranteed for?
A. The Garage Door Company guarantee all of our doors and installations for 2 years from the date of installation. For full details please consult a member of the team.
Q. How much does it cost to install a garage door?
A. Prices start from £150 for a standard installation, with electric and more complex installations increasing the price to around £250. A bespoke installation quote will be provided after a free site survey has been carried out.
Q. Can you upgrade an existing garage door to an electric door?
A. Most garage doors can be upgraded, although we’d have to carry out a site survey first to check that the garage and door both have the required space and are in a good condition before installation. Get in touch to discuss our range of electric motors and arrange a free survey.

Our Process

Q. How do I replace my garage door?
A. If you want a new garage door, the best thing to do is to book a free site survey. This means we can tell you on the spot what options are suitable for your garage, discuss options and provide a quote as required.
Q. What happens after I order?
A. Our surveyor will arrange a convenient time for our installations team to visit your home and install your new garage door. We will then confirm this appointment with you, and send you a reminder the day before we visit in case you need to rearrange.
Q. What do I need to do before installing a garage door?
A. Please make sure the area in and around the garage door are clear of any obstructions, or valuable belongings. This means we can install your garage door quickly and easily.
Q. Is there a call out or survey fee for you to measure and assess the site?
A. To give you the very best service and ensure a perfect fit, we provide a free site survey for all customers.
Q. Will your surveyor be able to provide me with a quotation?
A. Absolutely – your surveyor will be able to discuss all the available options for your garage door and provide you with a quotation when they’ve assessed the site.
Do you price match competitors?
A. We guarantee that we will provide the best value for money. If you have been offered a better deal elsewhere, contact us and we guarantee we can get you a better deal.
Q. How long does a site survey take?
A. This can vary depending on what kind of door you are interested in. On average, a site survey will take about 15-30 minutes, after which our surveyor will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of the price and answer any questions you might have.
Q. How do I measure the opening if I’m fitting my own garage door?
A. You need to measure the width x height of the structural opening, taking into account any variation across the space that results from the natural movement of a building as it ages.
When measuring the height of the opening measure the opening at the left edge, the center and at the right edge. Repeat this process when measuring the height by taking a reading at the top, middle and bottom.
You should use the smallest of the width and height measurements to ensure your door will fit within your existing structure.


Q. When I replace my existing door, do I keep my old track?
A. We recommend replacing your track when you replace your door because each brand of garage door has been specifically designed to work with a specific type of track. This can increase friction, wear, or causing problems with operation, greatly reducing the lifespan of your new garage door.
In addition to improved performance, using the right track ensures that your door is safe and secure to use. Any issues that might arise from the use of an existing or non-standard track can also invalidate your warranty.
Q. Is an up & over door safe for families with pets or children?
A. All of our garage doors are fitted with anti-drop devices and meet all EU regulations. As with all heavy equipment we recommend adult supervision of children when garage doors are being operated.
Q. Can you install insulated garage doors?
A. We offer a range of thermal insulated garage doors, which are especially recommended for attached garages, and for garages that have a room off or above the garage. Sectional and roller doors are best for thermal performance, as they provide the best seal and can be installed with proper thermal insulation.
Q. Can you install up and over garage doors without any gaps around the door?
A. We offer a made to measure service that means the gap around your garage door will be minimised, however if drafts and insulation are a concern we recommend you install a thermally insulated sectional or roller garage door.
Q. How secure are garage doors?
A. All our garage doors come with a 3 point locking system as standard, if you’d like to discuss security options please contact us and we can find the right garage door for you.
Q. Can you install garage doors that are Secured by Design approved?
A. Yes – we offer Up & Over garage doors that are certified as offering superior protection by Secured by Design.

Maintenance & Repair

Q. How do I look after my garage door?
A. We recommend you clean and spray all moving parts with a silicon base lubricant at least every 4 months. For the best performance and longevity, we also offer a service package for our customers.
Q. How often will I have to paint or refinish my garage door?
A. All painted garage doors come with a 10 year guarantee on the finish.
Q. How often should my new garage door be serviced?
A. We recommend you have your garage door serviced every year, just like your car. If you’d like to arrange for this to be carried out in advance, we can create a bespoke service plan for you.
Q. Do you service garage doors?
A. For long term peace of mind, our door engineers can carry out a full service of your garage door. We charge £119 to carry out a full garage door service, although we can put together tailored service packages if you prefer.
Q. Can you repair garage doors?
A. Because we have a full team of trained engineers, we offer nationwide repair services for our customers. If you have any problems, please contact us to arrange a home visit.

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