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Garage door information

We want to give you as much help and provide the best knowledge of all our products. This section offers brief answers to many common questions asked by previous customers.

The Range

Q. When I replace my existing door, can I keep my old track? A. We recommend replacing your track when you replace your door because each brand of garage door has been specifically designed to work with a specific type of track. In addition, replacing your track is an inexpensive way to insure that your entire garage door system is as safe as possible. By replacing your track you also ensure that your door warranty will apply, in the event that you have a problem.
Q. Will my garage door dealer take down my old door? A. Most garage door dealers will take down and haul away your old door, after the new door is installed for a small fee. Be sure your estimate from your dealer includes taking down and removal of the old door and reconnection of your garage door opener.
Q. How long does installation of a garage door take a garage door dealer? A. Professional garage door dealer/installers can typically install a door in a few hours and are careful to make sure safety requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners typically span several days and cause much frustration.
Q. Is an up & over door safe for all ages? A. Cardale doors are all fitted with a anti drop device and meets with all EU regulations.
Q. Can you have an insulated door? A. We offer a range of thermal insulated garage doors, which are especially recommended for attached garages and with rooms above the garage.
Q. Can I have an up & over door that has not got gaps around? A. We offer a made to measure option for most of our range which will help with gaps, however we offer a vertical lifting Roller door or Sectional door which do not have a gap around.
Q. Where do I measure if I want to fit my own garage door? A. You need to measure the width x height of the structural opening. When measuring the width measure to the left ,center and right of the opening. When measuring the height measure at the top, middle and bottom.
Q. Where can garage doors fit? A. They can be fitted either between or behind the structural opening. This needs to be specified when you order the door.
Q. How long does it take to fit a garage door? A. It can take between 2 and 5 hours depending on what kind of door we are fitting.
Q. Do you have your own engineers or do you sub-contract your work out to other companies? A. All our engineers are employed by The Garage Door Company and are fully trained by the manufacturers.


Q. you charge for somebody to come to my house to do a site survey? A. No. To carry out a survey is completely free.
Q. Will your representative leave me with a quotation? A. Yes. You will not have to wait for your price, we will leave a quote with you at the time of survey.
Q. How long does a survey take? A. This can vary depending on what kind of door you are interested in. An average survey can take between fifteen and thirty minutes


Q. When you fit my door do I get a guarantee? A. All doors fitted come with a free 2 year warranty on all products and fitting.
Q. Can my existing garage door be electrical operated? A. Most doors can have some form of motor fitted.But would need an inspection due to space available in your garage.
Q. How much do you charge to fit? A. This can vary depending on the kind of door we are fitting. The prices can vary between £150 and £250.
Q. When do I pay for my new garage door? A. Payment is made on the day of the installation to the engineers.

Maintenance & Repair

Q. Do I need to service my door? A. We recommend you clean and spray all moving parts with a silicon base lubricant at least every 4 months. We offer a service package at a cost.
Q. Will my door discolour in the sun? A. All fully finished doors come with a 10 year guarantee on the finish, and will not discolour in the sun.
Q. How often should my new garage door being serviced? A. We recommend you have your garage door serviced every year, just like your car.
Q. Do you service garage doors? A. Yes we do. Our service charge is £119 inc Vat.
Q. Do you repair garage doors? A. Yes we do. Our repair charge is £120 inc Vat depending on door/size and location please call for details.


Q. How secure is my garage door? A. All Cardale garage doors come with 3 point locking system as standard.

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